Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Changing blogs

For a number of reasons, I have decided to switch blog sites. I will no longer be posting on this blogger page. Instead, I will be posting on my new wordpress page. See you there.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Marketing of Religion

     Let me start out by saying that I am a Marketing Major. "Advertising Management" to be more specific. This tends to be more of a controversial major and subject because it often has so many negative connotations. For instance, it is true that many of the downfalls of American media and entertainment are directly due to their marketing and promotions. Women strive to be an unrealistic image of "beauty" because this unrealistic image of "beauty" is marketed very effectively. The list goes on.

     What kept religion alive all this time? What kept Christianity thriving? From any angle you look at it, it boils down to marketing. Christianity (along with other religions) are marketed effectively. Possibly the best examples of marketing one can come across.

I look at it this way: with any major or specialty, you can use it for good or you can use it for evil. If one becomes a chemist, he or she can  make a living creating new medicines for sick people (good), or they can create new hard drugs for addicts and become drug dealers (evil). The same concept applies with all specialties, including marketing. One can spread good ideas and messages (good), or one can make a living selling and marketing Power Bracelets and other scams (evil).

Science and reason can be promoted (good), and religion and superstition can be promoted as well (evil).

     Nearly ever tenet of consumer behavior is exploited for the benefit of religious propagation. Appeals to fear with the threat of Hell, appeals to emotion with the idea that Jesus died for you so you should live for him, behavioral influence, celebrity endorsement.. almost every single one except for the sex appeal. One can imagine, though, how religions would be if they allowed themselves to use the sex appeal in their advertising, marketing, and propagation.

     With every new product, there's what's called the "product life cycle." The introductory phase, the growth phase, the maturity phase, and the decline phase. Most products last a few years to a couple decades, while religion has lasted an immense amount of time. Christianity is well past the introductory phase. The parts of it's introduction and beginning story have long come and gone. Over the past couple thousand years, it has spend a lot of its time in the growth phase. More and more people becoming Christian, being loyal to Christianity, and becoming increasingly reluctant to switching brands. Right now, I believe it is safe to say Christianity (and I think religion as a whole) is jumping up and down around the maturity phase. If there weren't new promotions and more market penetration, religion would eventually slip into the decline phase and go out of style. Alas, there are new religious promotions and market penetrations pretty frequently which raises the stocks of religion yet another spike. There new rapture predictions every few years, Noah's Ark is found every few years, religious holidays are sprinkled throughout the year, and every passing year, we are apparently getting ever closer to the "end times." When people start doubting the scriptures, a safeguard comes along and blows the whistle exclaiming that the bible predicted that there would be doubters in the end times, therefore the bible is true... and there is yet another spike.

     Of course, there are competing brands of superstitious belief that exist, such as Islam, Judaism, Hindu, etc. and some of those brands are more competitive than others- wanting a higher share of the market. Like cell phone companies, some will engage in deception, misleading claims, and will always claim their brand to be the best.

     Some major brands and names in the world have smaller companies under them. Christianity has many denominations under its name. The major brands and bigger brands that have been around longer have a higher customer loyalty base than the new brands that come out. Christianity is a big religion, has been around for quite some time, therefore it has many followers. Occasionally there will be knockoff brands, spoofs, frauds, counterfeits, etc. just like how Scientology, Mormonism, and some of the New Age stuff popped out of virtually nowhere. This of course is definitely not to say that the original brands or religions are the best, more real, or more true- but it just goes to show a stiking parallel.

     Religions have simply been the masters of marketing. They utilize almost every human weakness (except sex appeal) and only those who see them for what they really are, are the ones who have the knowledge to break free.

As a Marketing major, I began to see religion as a perfect example of the evils of marketing and the potential it could bring to an entire society of possibly billions of people. If all it takes is marketing to promote such mental atrocities, then marketing can indeed be used for good to promote clear thinking, rationality, and science.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The World Can be Changed With a Single Idea

This is going to be a slightly different blog post; possibly something quite different than any of my other material. It's something I thought of.

The world can be changed with a single idea. All it takes is one person, one mind, one single thought. One person can say "you know what? This would be kinda cool," and from that, a chain of reactions can set off which could revolutionize the world. ("revolutionize" in this sense does not mean start a war against an oppressor).

I feel that people are too silent at times. Someone might have an idea to make something or to improve upon something. Perhaps they are not confident that their idea will be taken seriously. Maybe they are too afraid their idea might fail. Possibly, they tried one time and failed once before and got discouraged.

Or maybe some people simply don't have any ideas at all. Maybe they have no imagination, or possibly severely lacking one.

I've had many ideas in my life- many of which I've acted upon. I've failed many times as well- more times than I've succeeded. My YouTube channel was an idea. After watching a lot of videos, I thought, "you know what? It would be pretty cool if I got involved in this." And now I have a channel with almost 5,000 subscribers. I am currently at a slow point, my last bunch of videos got very few views and I have very little time to make videos anymore, but I'm not discouraged. I have a better idea of what works and what doesn't.

I had an idea to make a parody campaign of creation.com' "Question Evolution" campaign. It started the same way. I also have an idea to start my own website with content completely unrelated to the evolution/creation/theism/atheism game. An idea that I think has the potential to take off and be successful. The machine is turned on and the gears are rolling. If it takes off, you will know. I will look back at this blog post and smile knowing that once again, through a sea of failures, another idea has succeeded yet.

The human mind is too great of an asset to waste. I think time is better devoted to setting good ideas into action, than mindlessly feeding off of and consuming premade concepts.

Just a thought.

And with that said, I couldn't give a shit about Kim Kardashian's love affairs or what's tattooed on Selena Gomez's wrist.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

We are Primates

The following is the entire post from Ray Comfort's blog, broken up, with my commentary in between. His words are in quotes.

"“180” is unique from other pro-life movies in that it appeals to the intuitive knowledge that God has given to human beings."

No. It appeals to emotion and the exploitation of loaded questions and false analogies.

"We are not primates as so many of this Darwin-embracing generation believe.  Man is above the beasts in that he has a sense of justice and truth. Animals don’t care about setting up court systems and punishing wrong-doing."
We are primates in every way possible. Primate does not mean shitflinging monkey. Look up what primate means and be amazed. 'Justice' isn't a sense and neither is 'truth,' so no it doesn't set us apart from animals. We have bigger brains and stronger nervous systems and therefore are able to discover more aspects of the universe. Animals don't care about setting up court systems. True. Congrats on that.

"That is unique to human beings because we are made in the image of God. We intuitively know that it’s wrong to lie, steal, commit adultery, and to murder."

Yeah because think of how many of us would be around if 150,000 years ago, murder wasn't frowned upon. Please..

"When a person has been brainwashed into being pro-choice—believing that the baby that is growing in the womb isn’t a baby, then termination of this substance isn’t murder at all."
When a person has been brainwasehd into being pro-life-- believing that the substance that is growing in the womb is actually a person, then termination of this person is indeed murder. Gasp!!!

"However, when the person becomes convinced that a “fetus” is a human being, the conscience begins to do its God-given duty and say “You shall not kill.” It’s then up to the individual as to whether or not he or she will listen to its voice."
There's a difference between something that is genetically considered a "human" and something that is considered a "person."

"Notice that this person (after watching it three times) said that her “perspective” changed.  Allow me to change your mind about something of which I think you are probably sure, by giving you another perspective.  Where is up? If you are normal, you will probably point above your head.  But someone from New Zealand (down-under) would tell you that you are actually pointing down.  We live on a big ball called “earth,” and up and down don’t really exist. They are relative to where you are standing on this earth.  This new information gives you knowledge so that you can see things from a different perspective, and therefore change your mind about something of which you were sure a few minutes earlier."

I'm pro-life now

"That’s what “180” does. It gives new information and that gives people another perspective, causing them to change their minds about something of which they were sure just a few minutes earlier."
I think 180 is preaching to the choir. If it changed your mind, great. More power to you. I guess loaded questions and appeals to emotion are still alive and well.

Monday, November 14, 2011

RE: Evolution and Blood

I just love it when Ray Comfort pretends to be and sound scientific only to predictably turn around and willingly shine the spotlight at his own ignorance.

In this article, Ray Comfort explains the blood clotting process in a little detail. I have no problem with this. If he would have stopped at the end, this would have been the most educational piece of work Ray Comfort has ever made. However, that is easily counterbalanced by what he said directly afterwards. He wrote:

If evolution is true, and if this 12-step process didn’t happen in the first generation (i.e., if any one of these specific reactions failed to operate in their exact reaction and order), no creatures would have survived. They all would have bled to death!

Now, he could have made at least a topically compelling argument which would be somewhat up to the standards of other Intelligent Design proponent by saying that the process of blood clotting is irreducibly complex and therefore would have had to have been designed. He could have said that, though it would have been undoubtedly refuted, but he didn't. He chose to go the whole crocoduck route.

If the process didn't happen in the first generation? This is yet another example of him not having the slightest idea of what entails evolution. With evolution, there is no "first generation" which would suddenly have this blood clotting process and gosh it better work correctly otherwise they would have bled to death!! Oh gosh!! No.

This is right up there with his "first dog" evolution story. He famously claimed on the 700 Club (With Pat Robertson) that if evolution is true, than the "first dog" would have had to have two eyes, four legs, a tail, ears, evolved at the right place, at the right time, with the right reproductive organs and a desire to mate. If you don't see what's wrong with this statement, please look up what evolution actually is. Please.

I'm not a biologist so I can't say exactly how blood works or how it evolved. So if someone were to ask me, I would simply say I don't know, and I would refer them to a biologist. Ray Comfort on the other hand is not a biologist (very far from one, might I add), he does not know, he only makes assertions, and he thinks he's right.

This is too easy.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Christians defending against abortion.. irony?

You can be an atheist who is pro-life. You can be a christian who is pro-choice. Your stance on abortion is just that.

I've heard numerous arguments from all sides of the abortion issue. What I find interesting is people like Ray Comfort who go out of their way to make the 180 Movie, which is a nicely put together but crappy pro-life propaganda video which compares abortions to Hitler and the holocaust. Seen that argument too. However, I find it odd how Christians who take this position (Ray Comfort included) call abortion murder and then call murder a sin.

I understand that they have a big problem with "sins." Ray Comfort has a field day with his "do you think you're a good person" test. But what I don't understand is this: In their view, since God see all sins as equal (lying about your wife not looking fat in those jeans is just as bad as raping and murdering an 11 year old girl in God's eyes), why are they spending so much time on getting people to turn against abortion? They are spending more time on one sin than another. Does that mean... that they are coming to terms with the idea that SOME issues are worse than others? You don't see Ray Comfort making a 180 movie about Theft do you? No. No you don't.

So what I'm saying is that Christians are, once again, being inconsistent. They say that all sins are equal, but spend more time defending against specific sins as opposed to treating them all equally. Make sense? Hope so.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Being punished for thought crime IS absurd

Contrary to Ray Comfort's belief, as demonstrated in his latest blog post "Being Punished for Thought Crime Isn't Absurd," I strongly feel it is ridiculous to be punished JUST for thinking something. I first heard the phrase "thought crime" from Christopher Hitchens, and I would have sworn it would be in a Christian's defensive nature to defend against the idea of thought crime. But no, this does not apply to Ray Comfort.


In his blog post, he straight up says it's cool to be punished for thought crime. He goes on and gives a few examples of punishable thought crime in action, which of course, are fallacious, misleading, or just flat out wrong. For instance:

"If a man beat up a heterosexual, for example, he would deserve one sentence. But beating up a homosexual, if it could be proved that he once expressed a negative attitude toward homosexuals, would get him a substantially increased sentence. "

Uh.. Ray? No.. In his own blog post, he is specifically talking about thought crime. Yet he is mentioning a physical crime. Additionally, "if it could be proved that he once expressed a negative attitude towards homosexuals," then unless the authorities are psychic, there would be no way of knowing that for sure unless that thought somehow escaped his mind and manifested itself in an understandable way, for instance, through telling someone, writing it, posting it, etc. If that is the case, it is no longer thought crime because he's not getting in trouble for what he merely thinks.

"Also, students who mention wishing for the death of a teacher or fellow student are taken seriously and punished. They could merely mention it on Facebook or in texting, for instance, and immediately be in trouble—because it shows the intent of the heart, even if they are not actively planning it."

That is not thought crime. That's just being careful and taking precautious measures because the authorities would now have reason to believe that a teacher or a student is in danger. That's it. Also, if you post it on Facebook, it's no longer merely a thought now is it? No, it's now concrete. It may not be true, and there may be consequences for posting something on Facebook or saying something inappropriately, but it's the action that gets punished. Not the thought (the action in this sense is the act of posting it on Facebook).

Judging by Ray Comfort's logic, it is not even a crime to think a bad thought. It is only a crime if you do something about it. This makes total sense... which is shocking because Ray Comfort has a tendency to leave common sense out of his arguments (along with logic, reason, and knowledge). However, he gets right back on track when he mentions at the end, despite inadvertently not proving his point, he closes his post with:

"He [God] requires perfection in thought, word, and deed. If we burn with unlawful sexual thoughts toward another human being, God sees that as adultery (see Matt. 5:27,28). And if we have a seething hatred in our heart for another person, God sees that as murder (see Matt. 5:22; 1 John 3:15)."

Where he continues with saying that it's fine to be punished for thought crime. Consistency? Nah, who needs it.

Friday, October 28, 2011

It is ok to kill a baby in the womb when...

In Ray Comfort's and Living Waters' "180" movie- which is a slimy propaganda machine aimed at comparing abortion to the holocaust, possibly the largest expression of Godwin's Law since Expelled- Ray Comfort often engaged his interviewees with the following gesture:

"Complete this sentence: It is ok to kill a baby in the womb when..."

And of course, this is a psychotic leading statement. He got what he wanted nearly every time, and that was for people to say "It's never ok to kill a baby in the womb, oh, wait" and then Ray Comfort can go "Ha!! Gotcha!!" and proceed with spreading his pro-life message.

Don't get me wrong, I don't disrespect people solely for their beliefs in pro-lifeness. I'm pro-choice, and if you're pro-life, that's perfectly fine. I just tend to have a problem with people using deceitful techniques to manipulate people.

Sure, I can go on and say "It is ok to kill a baby in the womb when..." and then say ".. no 'when,' just it is ok to kill a baby in the womb, period." And I would love to hear Comfort's reaction to that one.

But no, I would not say that, nor is that where I'm going. When it comes to leading statement, two can play at that game.

If a person ever comes up to you and tries to sway you into their beliefs by saying "It is ok to kill a baby in the womb when..." you can simply follow it up by asking them similar questions like:

It is ok to drown nearly every man, woman, and child on the planet if...
It is ok to burn your daughter alive when...
It is ok to cut off a perfectly healthy woman's hand against her will when...
It is ok to RAPE a woman if...

And if they say none of those things are ok.. then gosh.. they are saying that things which are perfectly excusable, tolerated, or permitted in the bible.. are wrong. How can this be?

Don't believe me? Here are the references-
It is ok to drown nearly every man, woman, and child on the planet if... (Noah's flood story)
It is ok to burn your daughter alive when... (Lev 21:9)
It is ok to cut off a perfectly healthy woman's hand against her will when...(Deut 25:11-12)
It is ok to RAPE a woman if... (Deut 22:28-29)

Yes, each one of those are defended IN the bible. Go ahead and watch them play the "out of context" card when Deuteronomy says you can get out of rape by paying the father of the woman you raped as well as marrying her.

I digress...

It is ok to kill a baby in the womb when... you're pro-choice.

There you go. Problem solved.

Monday, October 3, 2011

God helps those who help themselves.

You have three choices
- Help yourself, god helps you = stuff gets done
- Help yourself, god doesn't help you = stuff gets done
- Don't help yourself, god doesn't help you = stuff doesn't get done
That phrase kinda forbids the act of god helping you if you don't help yourself.

There's an interesting and DIRECT correlation between helping yourself and stuff getting done.
Additionally, this is an unnecessarily selfless phrase in which one gives God the credit for something that he or she did themselves.

Of course this phrase isn't even in the bible so my interpretation should not upset anyone.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

70,000 people dead in one day

          Roughly 70,000 people died today in a horrific feat of nature and no news sources have mentioned a word about it. We hear about single isolated stories regarding individuals who gain a lot of public attention but when it comes to these large numbers, not a peep. One would think this is sickening. Even more shocking is that there were roughly 70,000 more people who died yesterday as well. Many religious people think it's because of sin, while other people think it is just a natural cause. Regardless, we haven't heard a word from the news about these atrocities.

          On the bright side, about 100,000 babies were born today and roughly the same amount yesterday as well.

Get it? Got it? Random thought.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Chattiestspike2 Youtube channel

This is just small clump of fun facts about my YouTube channel career. Career? I guess you can call it a career.. but without the money.

This is not the first channel I had on YouTube. My first channel (caninemd), in 2007, had a series called "The Kings of Awesomeness" where me and a bunch of my high school friends were doing really stupid things on camera, and these video clips were edited like a pro (by me) and put to horribly copyrighted music. They were up for about 9 months and got about 24 views each. All from me just showing other people who didn't care.

I closed down that channel out of panic because one of the videos consisted of my best friend spraying Axe body spray on his brothers head, and his brother lighting his head on fire. He showed up to school the next day with little isolated burn marks on his head and suddenly the police were involved. Long story short, nothing happened. I ended up closing down my channel for no reason.
A mirror of that video can be found here:

Later on, I watched Nigahiga's channel and got inspired to make my own YouTube channel with funny pointless silly stuff (caninemd275) in 2008. I did. It had pointless silly stupid stuff. No one watched my videos. I forgot about the channel, and then deleted it recently because for one reason or another, there were no more videos on it.

Then I started watching the evolution vs creationism debates on YouTube. All of them. Thunderf00t's videos, DonExodus2, Aronra, I saw ZOMGitscriss' channel, Laci Green, dprjones' etc. So I made chattiestspike. The original. It was a trolling channel. I was going to pretend to be a creationist. A poe. And then some events took place which got my channel terminated.

So then I made chattiestspike2. A science channel. Pure science. That was the intent. A pure science and education channel dedicated to pwning creationist arguments. I started that and it was working well for a while until I realized many other people made better videos with the same exact information I was presenting in mine. For one reason or another, I stayed around anyway. Got 1000 subscribers, then another YouTube channel (kenji something) pointed out the NephilimFree escort thing, which I made a video about, and this got me another thousand subs. I got to 3,000 and then 4,000. I'm currently working my way to 5,000.

In the mean time, I got a YouTube partnership which lasted about a month until google decided to cancel my adsense account for no apparent reason. Literally. They never gave me an explanation. I filled out the appeal form, emailed a bunch of google people, and I got nothing in return. So from that point on (about 6 months ago), I pretty much resent google and really dislike the shit company. Personally I feel like a hypocrite for disliking google so much while having a google blog, using google chrome, and I have an android phone.

In case you haven't noticed, I am doing more satire videos now. I won't be doing science videos anymore because I'm not a scientist and I don't know enough to really make new ones that haven't already been made. I'm sure a lot of my original subscribers are disappointed by my new direction, but it's what I'm doing now. I like being funny and I like making funny videos. That's why I started YouTube to begin with in 2007. Now I'm able to while having an audience.

Thank you everyone for sticking around. I'm not leaving any time soon.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Crocoduck has been found

Here's a page from Nature Magazine. (click to view)

Friday, August 19, 2011

We are Self Correcting

         One great thing about people on my team ("evolutionists"/atheists/etc.) is that we are self correcting. Throughout history, there have been a few evolutionary biologists who have made and forged fossils in order to get rich and famous. However those forgeries were disproven in due time by "evolutionists" (I'm using that term lightly). Creationists use those forgeries to support their own case that evolution is false but of course they keep forgetting that it was people on OUR team who disproved them.

          I made an experiment recently where I tried my best to photoshop a bumper sticker on my car which read "I learned everything I need to know about evolution from the holocaust" and I tried my best to act as though it was a ligitimate creationist/christian car bumper sticker. I  made a video about it. Most people believed it, as I assumed, but naturally there were a few people who spotted it as fake right away. This all happened within a 24 hour timeframe of the videos release; and my youtube channel isn't even that big. And the greatest part about that is, I'm pretty sure the people who figured out it was fake and exposed it as fake were atheists. People on MY team.

         So what does that tell you? No there is not a conspiracy of scientists pushing an agenda to make everyone believe in evolution. You've seen a peer review right before your very eyes. Even with the smallest details and most insignificant findings, like my fake finding of what a creationist supposedly said, people on my own team will pounce on that and prove it wrong. That's because we are self correcting and don't just believe things because they support our case.

(since I didn't have the means to actually forge a fossil, like I had in mind, I forged something in photoshop to make creationists sound even dumber. That bumper sticker, I think, is one thing that not even creationists would say)

here's the video

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Humans and Animals

I wrote this about two years ago but never found a place to put it. Now it has a home.


          Many people have a passive arrogance and think that we humans are better than animals or so much different than them. It's understanding of course that the people who still think inside the box will think that we are so much different from animals because we invented cars, sports, lip balm, and toilet paper. However, if you think about it, the ONLY difference between humans and animals are that humans are more advance, most of us anyway (and no, not advanced evolutionarily). It's not a unique pattern. Gorillas are more advanced than chickens. Chickens are more advanced than bacteria living in the feces of a third world economy plane passenger. "Advanced," in this respect refers to idea that a particular creature is capable of more than another. We can make a paper hat, microbes cannot.

          Now let's analyze this even more and go farther down the rabbit hole than what is necessary. Some people claim that animals don't think or don't have a consciousness. Obviously, clearly, and easily noted, this is a complete made up concept. They may not have a consciousness which is too COMPARABLE to that of a human, but it is there nevertheless. Don't believe me? Try pretending like you are going to punch a dog in the nose. He will flinch and back away OR get pissed off and attack you. If you want to blame that on "natural reflexes" then let's start calling it a natural reflex whenever we purchase a pack of gum when we think our breath is not appealing.

          They say animals don't have souls like humans do. Ok let's think about this. Who claims that we have souls anyway? What does it look like? Where is it located? Can it be removed and tampered with? Can it REALLY be sold to the devil? No one has any tangible evidence of the soul so we just assume that we have them. So, I'm in a generous mood, so I will grant this notion that we have souls. What about animals? Who says animals don't have souls? If they did, we wouldn't be able to see them just like you can't in humans. Some people claim that they can "see the soul" in the eyes of people who are scared, worried, happy, or some other emotion. Well the next time you hear that, try looking into the eyes of a puppy who has been abused and has been left starving. You will see some interesting emotions in his expression.

          This leads me to my next point- emotion. People say that animals don't have emotion. Yes they do. It varies from animal to animal (humans included in the animals). Emotions are simply more advanced natural reactions to outside stimulants. Someone burns your child at the stake, you get angry. Lets look at the animal kingdom. You just happen to wander up to a lions den and feel it would be a good idea to kick one of the lion's cubs like a football into a large hole filled with sharp rocks. The mother will get pissed off and try to bite your face off. You call it instinct? Hey guess what, emotion IS instinct. Desire, happiness, anger, sadness, envy- they are all instincts taking place far in the back of the mind.

With all this said, it is not meant to change the behaviour of humans toward animals. It is not meant to make a person think twice before strapping a pack of fireworks to the neck of an elephant. Keep in mind, humans still abuse each other. Humans are scientifically classified in the ANIMAL kingdom. They don't have their own kingdom. We are animals, perhaps maybe it's time we start acting like it?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Interview with an alien

Earthling: So tell me a little about yourself. When did you come here to Earth? And for what reason? Many people, im sure, are dying to meet you or someone like you. Can you give us a brief explaination as to who, or what, you are?.. if you don't mind me asking.

Alien: Hi. Well me and my people have always been watching earth for quite some time now. For the past 40 million years or so. Not to say that I have been around for that long. Haha. But people from my planet have been just observing the interesting behaviors or Earth. Particularly within the past 200 thousand years when you humans arrived. I'm just a trooper coming down to finally talk to one of you guys, maybe exchange some information. Anyway. As you can tell, we sort of bare the same physical resemblance, only we are more green and have antennae on our heads. You humans haven't gotten those yet.

Earthling: Ah interesting. So you are saying evolution is true? And that we will evolve into things that look like you?

Alien: Well yes. I know how that can come as a shock to a lot of you. Perhaps it's been debated a lot in your so called "churches." But it is true. Yes. And you will gradually become more and more attractive like my kind. It will be a civic standard that the greener the skin, the more attractive. Also the more broad the antennae, the more attractive.

Earthling: So what exactly do the antennae detect? Does your kind have a sixth sense?

Alien: It just adds to our sex appeal. It's attractive. Don't you think?

Earthling: .... Moving along. Does your kind have divisions within it? Does it have different races or nationalities or religions?

Alien: Absolutely. Our kind has everything ranging from Xongrozorgians to Merqiwtz and even a few surviving Turplapkrads, along with about 600 other nationalities and races. As for religioun, I don't understand what you mean.

Earthling: Like do you believe in god? Or Buddha? Do any of your kind accept Jesus Christ as your savior or something?

Alien: Um.. No. We have never heard of Jesus Christ. Besides, why would we look up to a being who is a kind of human? But it's ok. I understand it.

Earthling: And I understand it too. Another question: What is your government and economic system? Surely a civilization as advanced as yours has a better government and economic policy that any of us could have ever come up with.

Alien: We sure do. Complete organized socialized capitalistic anarchy. COSCA for short.

Earthling: Wow. Sounds intriguing. How does that work?

Alien: Well pretty much everyone does whatever they want to do whenever they want to. We don't use money anymore and there are no leaders. We hold no elections, and everyone is nice to each other. We don't lie, we don't cheat, we don't get married, and we can have as many partners as we want. Everyone just cooperates perfectly. It's to be expected. We had 10 million years of practice.

Earthling: You seem like such a nice Alien. Why doesnt your kind come to Earth more often?

Alien: Are you kidding me? You people kill each other and drop bombs on cities. You also crash your own planes into your own buildings. Your planet is always at war with itself. You people also are so scared and timid about anything abnormal, if one of our aircrafts were to actually land in a public place, your military and armed forces would destroy us within seconds.
Earthling: Well I don't think that's true.
Alien: Not true? You have "restricted air space" and anything unidentified that flies in your "restricted air space" will be shot down. Where are we supposed to fly? And more importantly, where are we supposed to land? And it's really difficult to abduct one of your people because whenever our abduction beams shine down, lots of humans can see them and they will probably attack us.
Earthling: Well you have to cut us some slack. It has been a while since any of people have legitimately seen one of your aircrafts.

Alien: No you haven't seen any of our aircrafts at all. Ever. We're not usually that dumb as to come down here to Earth anyway. This is the first time.. And you also make movies and you are always portraying us as the bad guys. That makes us uneasy too. Except for ET. But after seeing that movie, ET was ugly as sin and looks nothing like us. I don't know who came up with that idea but he was on something I'm sure.

Earthling: Well we have our imagination. Well that's about all the time we have. Is there anything else you would like to tell Earth? After all, you are much more advanced than any of us. Anything you want to say?

Alien: Yeah. Well I highly doubt that you will make it another thousand years BUT if you do, just to let you know, you should find some people to discover how to use your ocean as an energy source, you need to colonize your moon, and you need to stop killing each other. If you fail at that, it's ok. Your race will just be whiped out. We will take over and pick up where you left off.

Earthling: Thank you.

Alien: (timewarps away)


I wrote this about two years ago. Hope you enjoyed it.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dating fossils

For those of you who saw my video, and I'm sure you did, you may not be complete sure what arguments I am referring to.

Creationists have a problem with fossils being millions of years old because it conflicts with their 6,000 year old young Earth promotion Noah's Flood propaganda myth that they so famously support regardless of how much that poor dead horse has been beaten time and time again. So if they hear of a fossil that is 65 million years old, they will protest against it.

They claim that we can't know how old these fossils are because we weren't there, carbon dating isn't accurate because a) it carbon dated living snails to be 40 billion years old or b) because it assumes a constant decay rate, and this applies to every radiometric dating method, and finally, because fossils don't come with little tags on them saying how old they are.

This makes me laugh because though it's a sarcastic remark (hopefully), they make it seem like if there WAS a fossil that had a tag on it saying it was 47 million years old, that that would mean it's 47 million years old. Are you kidding me? If a tag is there saying that when you dig it up, someone put it there and that means specifically that it's NOT that old.

But I digress. I figured it would be a refreshing gesture to illustrate how stupid even creationist humor is. It's only funny... if you laugh at them. Yeah that makes sense.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bring back our primal instincts

          Since the dawn of our species, mankind has strove to rid itself of the ties between it and the animals from which we came. We deny the very primate within each one of us. We are animals at heart, in mind, and if all goes as planned, on the outside aswell. Animals hunt for survival. Every man for himself.

          Mankind is too civilized, with its governments, cars, and department stores. The time has come to bind our inner animal to the nature of the outside world.

          It is time to feed our inner desires. Our desires that have us hungering for everything. Things we want. Things we hunger. Food. Forget working for money and and buying pre established food and let's begin scavenging our back yards for squirrels and coyotes. Save the trees? We need trees now more than ever. We need to cut down our forests to get to the animals which we must hunt. We are smarter and more advanced than them, so they will without a doubt be easier to catch simply by outsmarting them. But not to go so far as to assume that we are better than animals. No no no no no. We are just at the same level as them. We are in thier pyramid. We are apart of thier organization. The "Animal Kingdom."

          We must live like them. They were here first. It's time to bring back the trend of treehouses. Human nests. We have to let our inner animal be exposed to the wonders and promises of the world not ruled my man. We have no need for money. We have no need for electricity. Deep down, we don't want it. None of us do. All we want is food, water, and opportunities to pass down our genes. Those are the three basic needs. we don't need shelter. We can live on the mountains, and rivers.

          We must hunt in packs. We must travel in packs. We must eliminate any threats. Not with guns or bombs. No. We must strap to our backs our quivers and hold our bows tightly so we can pick off the weak. And this is not limited to animals. If we travel in packs and no animals are found, we must result to the next logical means of satisfying our nutritional needs. Cannibalism. Yes thats right. The polar bears up north result to that in times of need. Why shouldn't we? Animals do it all the time. They eat each other. We are just advanced animals.. But animals nonetheless.

          So lets bring on our primitive instincts and welcome our cannabalistic desires. But let's bring down the bar further. Let's be primitive. Let's do what we were meant to do. We must not be caving in after only being on an island and starving to death next to a nice heafty man named Ruben. Im talking about casual cannibalism. CC if you want to 'modernize' it. I say we should take people out of prisons, who are on death row or in for life, and bbq them and serve them at Olive Gargen and Applebees.. places like that. Good family fun. Since restaraunts will no longer be run under management, everything will be free. Everything, everyone, and every idea will be free at a higher rate.

          So let's welcome this movement. The 21st century has much to offer and we are here, standing proud, standing tall. Together, let's drop our cell phones and pagers and pick up our spears, rocks, and tree branches as we leave technology a thing of the past. We move up in the world, not as a separate species, but as one. One with nature, one with the earth, while having no dependancies, live a prosperous, rewarding, and virtuous life from now, till the end of time.

Thank you


In all honesty, this was something I wrote about three years ago for no particular reason. Never really found the right place for it. Now I did... and now you read it. Sure it's pointless but if you want a meaning for it, think of it as a "Defaulting Nation Survival Guide." Yeah that works.

Whatever. I hope you enjoyed that wall of text.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How come there are no transitional forms?

I made this picture a long time ago. It demonstrates what it would look like millions of years ago when all the animals were in mid evolutionary transition. ... according to creationists.

Think... crocoduck. THAT would be a transitional form right? Of course it would. Why not? So if that's what a transitional form looks like, then this is what all the others look like. Scientists are getting desperate to try to find fossils of these creatures just to prove evolution.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Evolution being a conspiracy

          Yes, my previous youtube video entitled Evolution is a Conspiracy was satire. However, if something is satire, there has to be a base at which the satire is spinning off. This would of course be the creationist's point of view. Not all of them but there is a good number of them who actually think it is a conspiracy within the scientific community to promote evolution and get people to believe evolution even though "there's no evidence."
          I've heard explanations saying that it's the New World Order promoting evolution because evolution means atheism and the New World Order wants everyone to be atheists. Somehow making the world atheists will rid the world of different political views and it would be one giant nation with one leader and that will all be because of evolution. Oh yeah, and that leader will be the antichrist.
          I seriously heard from a number of creationists (Kent Hovind, Eye2EyeIIIV etc.) that since the talking snake told Adam and Eve that they will become gods, and evolution tells us that we are evolving better [sic] all the time and we will eventually become gods [sic sic sic sic], THAT'S the reason evolution is taught. Because people read genesis, see the talking snake part, want to become gods, so they believe in evolution. Maybe I got a few of the details wrong but you get the point. And you may remember something like that from my Evolution is a Conspiracy video.
          So it just makes me wonder, why would there REALLY be a giant global conspiracy among the scientific community to promote such an idea? I can't possibly even fathom the idea of creationists being right with this. Thoughts?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Evolution is a Religion?

          Many creationists and individuals who do not accept evolution often claim it to be a religion. Evolution is a religious belief or religious dogma. I personally love when creationists say this. It's one of those frequent but exceptionally fun traps that they walk willingly full force into.
          Normally this will be either their last line of defense or their first move in a debate about creationism and evolution. Regardless, they will still often walk right into this trap and I will explain why.
          Here's a quote from the Institute for Creation Research website,

"The fact is that evolutionists believe in evolution because they WANT to. It is their desire at all costs to explain the origin of everything without a Creator. Evolutionism is thus intrinsically an atheistic religion."

          So, believing something because they want to makes it a religion. Additionally, having a desire to explain the origin of everything without a creator makes it a religion. Believing something without evidence because you want to is a religion, and since evolution has no evidence supporting it, people only believe it because they WANT to, which of course makes it a religion.
          So what does that say about their side? Are they not saying they are religious themselves? They're Christians, right? Last I checked, Christianity is a religion. So since they are Christians, and are religious, doesn't that by their own explanation mean that they are believing something without evidence just because they WANT to?
          And that, is the easy trap that they will willingly walk right into.

Friday, July 29, 2011

So if evolution is not true, why teach it?

          It's an honest question. If evolution is false and the theory has been proven wrong a long time ago, why is it being taught in schools and universities? Now of course, we know that evolution IS true and any one of us can rattle on support and evidence for the theory, some more than others, but this one would be a good question for creationists and the sort.
          What is being gained by teaching a false theory? Certainly there wouldn't be any resulting advancements in the knowledge of biology. If evolution is false, why would we teach it? If people need to be willfully ignorant of the so called "evidence" against evolution in order to believe it, why do professors still promote the idea? Is it to get God out of schools? Is it to secretly turn everyone into an atheist? Or is it just a spiteful jab at Christians just for the fun of it?
          I can't ask this question any more clear. If evolution is not true, why would anyone teach it?

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

pwning creationists obsolete?

          It seems to me that the once popular youtube act of disproving creationist claims is slowly dying away. The way I look at it, there's only so much that can be said. Thunderf00t made his "Why do people laugh at creationists" series, cdk007 made his long list of videos refuting creationist claims and Kent Hovind claims, DonExodus2 did the same- and this all happened the most frequently over two years ago.         
          Now I'm not saying that we no longer need to refute creationists anymore because as long as there's a new creationist video, that's proof and evidence that the idea that creationists exist is accurate and correct. However, since venomfangx's videos are more polished but utterly pointless, no one takes nephilimfree seriously anymore, all of the other anti-creationists have sort of gone rogue. Thunderf00t had his episode of Islam drama, DonExodus went on a hiatus, and I started my UFO conspiracy rabbit hole phase.
          I don't think the act of pwning creationists has stopped. It has just slown down. Perhaps this is a good sign? Maybe this is a sign that we are winning in the long run? Who knows. But if you ever get the idea that maybe it's dying away, just remember the Question Evolution campaign, CMI is still up and running, Eric Hovind is still running his mouth, and Ray Comfort is still successful.
          We may have different ways of handling creationists nowadays. Personally, I have satire. I don't really spend my time refuting claims as much as I used to because I've refuted every creationist claim there ever was (as far as I know.. and I've been doing this for a while), some a few times, and I don't feel like repeating myself. I go about it by pretending to be one of them but a far more extreme version, if that makes sense, (i.e. Question Gravity). TheLivingDinosaur goes about it with his unique vocabulary rich montages of pictorial refutations. And there are other examples of this modern ignorance epidemic being combated as well.


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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Question Gravity Campaign BEHIND THE SCENES

          So as you all know or probably heard by now, my "Question Gravity" satirical spinoff of creation.coms' "Question Evolution" campaign was an utter success. It was mirrored over 20 times, the pamphlet was downloaded hundreds of times, it was translated into spanish and in the process of being translated into other languages as well, and ppsimmons blocked me. Given my personal traction on the youtube community, I couldn't ask for a better turnout and I would like to thank everyone who helped out. Thanks everyone :D

          However a VERY common comment I get on this campaign is something along the lines of "be careful, someone might actually take this seriously and your plan will backfire." Of course, my plan being to show how stupid it looks when someone goes to extreme lengths to 'question' very solid theories like evolution and gravity. However, these people make it seem like people will take my campaign seriously and actually APPLY the information and arguments in it. Are you kidding me? I mean, in their defense, shockofgod and nephilimfree are complete idiots, but I highly doubt that they would realistically believe the stuff in my campaign and actually use my material as arguments.

          Surprisingly, it was atheists and non-creationists who took my campaign seriously. They didn't believe the stuff in the campaign, obviously, nor did they apply it, but those were the ones who actually thought I was serious. Not a bash towards people on my team but there were more people on MY team thinking this was sincere than people on the other side of the bell curve of intellect. No one, and I mean, NO ONE took my campaign seriously to the level of actually believing it and applying those arguments. So no, it did not backfire :D

The Blog is Back

Yes that's right. I'm able to start blogging again. The reason I had to disable it was because my previous graphic design class used Blogger as it's hug to post our work. I didn't want to risk my classmates seeing such a horrible blaspheming blog. Since I just couldn't figure out that all I had to do was create a different email account and I would be good to go, I thought it would be a fine and dandy idea to delete this thing. oops. So it's golly gosh darn good thing I made a new email just for this.
On the bright side, it's back and I plan on posting stuff here on a regular basis. Thanks for your patience because I know you have been waiting to see my blog back.