Friday, November 11, 2011

Christians defending against abortion.. irony?

You can be an atheist who is pro-life. You can be a christian who is pro-choice. Your stance on abortion is just that.

I've heard numerous arguments from all sides of the abortion issue. What I find interesting is people like Ray Comfort who go out of their way to make the 180 Movie, which is a nicely put together but crappy pro-life propaganda video which compares abortions to Hitler and the holocaust. Seen that argument too. However, I find it odd how Christians who take this position (Ray Comfort included) call abortion murder and then call murder a sin.

I understand that they have a big problem with "sins." Ray Comfort has a field day with his "do you think you're a good person" test. But what I don't understand is this: In their view, since God see all sins as equal (lying about your wife not looking fat in those jeans is just as bad as raping and murdering an 11 year old girl in God's eyes), why are they spending so much time on getting people to turn against abortion? They are spending more time on one sin than another. Does that mean... that they are coming to terms with the idea that SOME issues are worse than others? You don't see Ray Comfort making a 180 movie about Theft do you? No. No you don't.

So what I'm saying is that Christians are, once again, being inconsistent. They say that all sins are equal, but spend more time defending against specific sins as opposed to treating them all equally. Make sense? Hope so.


  1. Hmm...I guess the video didn't work on you...

  2. Well, even though I don't believe everything in the video, I think someones or somethings life, a human fetus, is more important than stealing $20 from grandma.

  3. Your logic is found wanting here...
    The reason Ray Comfort doesn't spend all his time arguing about theft is because theft is illegal in America!
    Yet, abortion, or the killing of an innocent human life, is NOT!

    One would also argue that murder is indeed a more heinous crime than theft or lying, and the consequences are far more reaching.
    Comfort's assertion that all sin is equal in God's eyes is speaking in terms of guilt and judgement. (ie. James 2:10 "For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become accountable for all of it.") Of course some sins are worse than others, but as far as our guilt before God goes, even the slightest sin brings accountability or condemnation. The point with the Law is to demonstrate that none of us are righteous & we all need a Savior.
    You may reject this, but please don't call christians out for being inconsistent here! Rather, christians are calling out a glaring inconsistency in our own culture.

    The reference to the holocaust in this video is absolutely consistent. Just like Nazi Germany, we as a culture have stood by and nodded in approval to something that is morally reprehensible. Whether it can be found in the Bible or not, we all know that murder is wrong, and Comfort poses a very good question in the video when he asks, "It is ok to kill a baby in the womb when…?"

  4. I wonder how all the "Christians" who like Comfort's film would have felt about the WW2 Allied firebombing of civilian targets in Germany, which killed millions of German civilians, including many children. I'm sure many would play armchair general and strategist, & argue these deaths were politically necessary so not "murder." These same Christians have no problem with the deaths of thousands of Iraqi & Afghani children killed in Bush & Obama's wars. I just wish pro-lifers would be honest with themselves & others, & just straight out admit that their opposition to abortion is not really about killing at all (the Bible is filled with killing, often at God's demand), but about the their belief that women shouldn't have control over their bodies & how, when, & with whom they reproduce. I have noticed more & more pro-lifers openly admitting to this belief now, offering bible passages to support this assertion that basically woman are breeding units subject to what they perceive as God's whims & "will." I find their so-called Christian views quite perverse, evil, & Satanic actually, but their honesty is at least refreshing.