Saturday, November 26, 2011

The World Can be Changed With a Single Idea

This is going to be a slightly different blog post; possibly something quite different than any of my other material. It's something I thought of.

The world can be changed with a single idea. All it takes is one person, one mind, one single thought. One person can say "you know what? This would be kinda cool," and from that, a chain of reactions can set off which could revolutionize the world. ("revolutionize" in this sense does not mean start a war against an oppressor).

I feel that people are too silent at times. Someone might have an idea to make something or to improve upon something. Perhaps they are not confident that their idea will be taken seriously. Maybe they are too afraid their idea might fail. Possibly, they tried one time and failed once before and got discouraged.

Or maybe some people simply don't have any ideas at all. Maybe they have no imagination, or possibly severely lacking one.

I've had many ideas in my life- many of which I've acted upon. I've failed many times as well- more times than I've succeeded. My YouTube channel was an idea. After watching a lot of videos, I thought, "you know what? It would be pretty cool if I got involved in this." And now I have a channel with almost 5,000 subscribers. I am currently at a slow point, my last bunch of videos got very few views and I have very little time to make videos anymore, but I'm not discouraged. I have a better idea of what works and what doesn't.

I had an idea to make a parody campaign of' "Question Evolution" campaign. It started the same way. I also have an idea to start my own website with content completely unrelated to the evolution/creation/theism/atheism game. An idea that I think has the potential to take off and be successful. The machine is turned on and the gears are rolling. If it takes off, you will know. I will look back at this blog post and smile knowing that once again, through a sea of failures, another idea has succeeded yet.

The human mind is too great of an asset to waste. I think time is better devoted to setting good ideas into action, than mindlessly feeding off of and consuming premade concepts.

Just a thought.

And with that said, I couldn't give a shit about Kim Kardashian's love affairs or what's tattooed on Selena Gomez's wrist.

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