Friday, July 29, 2011

So if evolution is not true, why teach it?

          It's an honest question. If evolution is false and the theory has been proven wrong a long time ago, why is it being taught in schools and universities? Now of course, we know that evolution IS true and any one of us can rattle on support and evidence for the theory, some more than others, but this one would be a good question for creationists and the sort.
          What is being gained by teaching a false theory? Certainly there wouldn't be any resulting advancements in the knowledge of biology. If evolution is false, why would we teach it? If people need to be willfully ignorant of the so called "evidence" against evolution in order to believe it, why do professors still promote the idea? Is it to get God out of schools? Is it to secretly turn everyone into an atheist? Or is it just a spiteful jab at Christians just for the fun of it?
          I can't ask this question any more clear. If evolution is not true, why would anyone teach it?

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  1. I ask creationtardists this alot and the answer is usually some drivel along the lines of evolution denying the existence of God or leading people away from the obvious truth of Jesus Christ and the undoubted existence of an invisible man living in the sky. I know some smart people who believe it as well and when asked why so many people accept it they'll hit me with the conspiracy spiel. Unbelievable.