Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Evolution being a conspiracy

          Yes, my previous youtube video entitled Evolution is a Conspiracy was satire. However, if something is satire, there has to be a base at which the satire is spinning off. This would of course be the creationist's point of view. Not all of them but there is a good number of them who actually think it is a conspiracy within the scientific community to promote evolution and get people to believe evolution even though "there's no evidence."
          I've heard explanations saying that it's the New World Order promoting evolution because evolution means atheism and the New World Order wants everyone to be atheists. Somehow making the world atheists will rid the world of different political views and it would be one giant nation with one leader and that will all be because of evolution. Oh yeah, and that leader will be the antichrist.
          I seriously heard from a number of creationists (Kent Hovind, Eye2EyeIIIV etc.) that since the talking snake told Adam and Eve that they will become gods, and evolution tells us that we are evolving better [sic] all the time and we will eventually become gods [sic sic sic sic], THAT'S the reason evolution is taught. Because people read genesis, see the talking snake part, want to become gods, so they believe in evolution. Maybe I got a few of the details wrong but you get the point. And you may remember something like that from my Evolution is a Conspiracy video.
          So it just makes me wonder, why would there REALLY be a giant global conspiracy among the scientific community to promote such an idea? I can't possibly even fathom the idea of creationists being right with this. Thoughts?

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