Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dating fossils

For those of you who saw my video, and I'm sure you did, you may not be complete sure what arguments I am referring to.

Creationists have a problem with fossils being millions of years old because it conflicts with their 6,000 year old young Earth promotion Noah's Flood propaganda myth that they so famously support regardless of how much that poor dead horse has been beaten time and time again. So if they hear of a fossil that is 65 million years old, they will protest against it.

They claim that we can't know how old these fossils are because we weren't there, carbon dating isn't accurate because a) it carbon dated living snails to be 40 billion years old or b) because it assumes a constant decay rate, and this applies to every radiometric dating method, and finally, because fossils don't come with little tags on them saying how old they are.

This makes me laugh because though it's a sarcastic remark (hopefully), they make it seem like if there WAS a fossil that had a tag on it saying it was 47 million years old, that that would mean it's 47 million years old. Are you kidding me? If a tag is there saying that when you dig it up, someone put it there and that means specifically that it's NOT that old.

But I digress. I figured it would be a refreshing gesture to illustrate how stupid even creationist humor is. It's only funny... if you laugh at them. Yeah that makes sense.

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