Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bring back our primal instincts

          Since the dawn of our species, mankind has strove to rid itself of the ties between it and the animals from which we came. We deny the very primate within each one of us. We are animals at heart, in mind, and if all goes as planned, on the outside aswell. Animals hunt for survival. Every man for himself.

          Mankind is too civilized, with its governments, cars, and department stores. The time has come to bind our inner animal to the nature of the outside world.

          It is time to feed our inner desires. Our desires that have us hungering for everything. Things we want. Things we hunger. Food. Forget working for money and and buying pre established food and let's begin scavenging our back yards for squirrels and coyotes. Save the trees? We need trees now more than ever. We need to cut down our forests to get to the animals which we must hunt. We are smarter and more advanced than them, so they will without a doubt be easier to catch simply by outsmarting them. But not to go so far as to assume that we are better than animals. No no no no no. We are just at the same level as them. We are in thier pyramid. We are apart of thier organization. The "Animal Kingdom."

          We must live like them. They were here first. It's time to bring back the trend of treehouses. Human nests. We have to let our inner animal be exposed to the wonders and promises of the world not ruled my man. We have no need for money. We have no need for electricity. Deep down, we don't want it. None of us do. All we want is food, water, and opportunities to pass down our genes. Those are the three basic needs. we don't need shelter. We can live on the mountains, and rivers.

          We must hunt in packs. We must travel in packs. We must eliminate any threats. Not with guns or bombs. No. We must strap to our backs our quivers and hold our bows tightly so we can pick off the weak. And this is not limited to animals. If we travel in packs and no animals are found, we must result to the next logical means of satisfying our nutritional needs. Cannibalism. Yes thats right. The polar bears up north result to that in times of need. Why shouldn't we? Animals do it all the time. They eat each other. We are just advanced animals.. But animals nonetheless.

          So lets bring on our primitive instincts and welcome our cannabalistic desires. But let's bring down the bar further. Let's be primitive. Let's do what we were meant to do. We must not be caving in after only being on an island and starving to death next to a nice heafty man named Ruben. Im talking about casual cannibalism. CC if you want to 'modernize' it. I say we should take people out of prisons, who are on death row or in for life, and bbq them and serve them at Olive Gargen and Applebees.. places like that. Good family fun. Since restaraunts will no longer be run under management, everything will be free. Everything, everyone, and every idea will be free at a higher rate.

          So let's welcome this movement. The 21st century has much to offer and we are here, standing proud, standing tall. Together, let's drop our cell phones and pagers and pick up our spears, rocks, and tree branches as we leave technology a thing of the past. We move up in the world, not as a separate species, but as one. One with nature, one with the earth, while having no dependancies, live a prosperous, rewarding, and virtuous life from now, till the end of time.

Thank you


In all honesty, this was something I wrote about three years ago for no particular reason. Never really found the right place for it. Now I did... and now you read it. Sure it's pointless but if you want a meaning for it, think of it as a "Defaulting Nation Survival Guide." Yeah that works.

Whatever. I hope you enjoyed that wall of text.

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