Friday, August 26, 2011

Chattiestspike2 Youtube channel

This is just small clump of fun facts about my YouTube channel career. Career? I guess you can call it a career.. but without the money.

This is not the first channel I had on YouTube. My first channel (caninemd), in 2007, had a series called "The Kings of Awesomeness" where me and a bunch of my high school friends were doing really stupid things on camera, and these video clips were edited like a pro (by me) and put to horribly copyrighted music. They were up for about 9 months and got about 24 views each. All from me just showing other people who didn't care.

I closed down that channel out of panic because one of the videos consisted of my best friend spraying Axe body spray on his brothers head, and his brother lighting his head on fire. He showed up to school the next day with little isolated burn marks on his head and suddenly the police were involved. Long story short, nothing happened. I ended up closing down my channel for no reason.
A mirror of that video can be found here:

Later on, I watched Nigahiga's channel and got inspired to make my own YouTube channel with funny pointless silly stuff (caninemd275) in 2008. I did. It had pointless silly stupid stuff. No one watched my videos. I forgot about the channel, and then deleted it recently because for one reason or another, there were no more videos on it.

Then I started watching the evolution vs creationism debates on YouTube. All of them. Thunderf00t's videos, DonExodus2, Aronra, I saw ZOMGitscriss' channel, Laci Green, dprjones' etc. So I made chattiestspike. The original. It was a trolling channel. I was going to pretend to be a creationist. A poe. And then some events took place which got my channel terminated.

So then I made chattiestspike2. A science channel. Pure science. That was the intent. A pure science and education channel dedicated to pwning creationist arguments. I started that and it was working well for a while until I realized many other people made better videos with the same exact information I was presenting in mine. For one reason or another, I stayed around anyway. Got 1000 subscribers, then another YouTube channel (kenji something) pointed out the NephilimFree escort thing, which I made a video about, and this got me another thousand subs. I got to 3,000 and then 4,000. I'm currently working my way to 5,000.

In the mean time, I got a YouTube partnership which lasted about a month until google decided to cancel my adsense account for no apparent reason. Literally. They never gave me an explanation. I filled out the appeal form, emailed a bunch of google people, and I got nothing in return. So from that point on (about 6 months ago), I pretty much resent google and really dislike the shit company. Personally I feel like a hypocrite for disliking google so much while having a google blog, using google chrome, and I have an android phone.

In case you haven't noticed, I am doing more satire videos now. I won't be doing science videos anymore because I'm not a scientist and I don't know enough to really make new ones that haven't already been made. I'm sure a lot of my original subscribers are disappointed by my new direction, but it's what I'm doing now. I like being funny and I like making funny videos. That's why I started YouTube to begin with in 2007. Now I'm able to while having an audience.

Thank you everyone for sticking around. I'm not leaving any time soon.


  1. Didn't know you had those channels before! Good to hear a little backstory. I don't mind the new direction you're going. Jealous as all hell for the amount of subscribers you've got- but I want to work for mine, I don't want any more shoutouts or anything from anyone. I look forward to seeing all future videos by you mate! =D

  2. Your funny videos are what made me subscribe to you in the first place. I love your sense of humor and your expressions. I also, love how you pwn creationist with your unique style.