Friday, July 29, 2011

So if evolution is not true, why teach it?

          It's an honest question. If evolution is false and the theory has been proven wrong a long time ago, why is it being taught in schools and universities? Now of course, we know that evolution IS true and any one of us can rattle on support and evidence for the theory, some more than others, but this one would be a good question for creationists and the sort.
          What is being gained by teaching a false theory? Certainly there wouldn't be any resulting advancements in the knowledge of biology. If evolution is false, why would we teach it? If people need to be willfully ignorant of the so called "evidence" against evolution in order to believe it, why do professors still promote the idea? Is it to get God out of schools? Is it to secretly turn everyone into an atheist? Or is it just a spiteful jab at Christians just for the fun of it?
          I can't ask this question any more clear. If evolution is not true, why would anyone teach it?

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

pwning creationists obsolete?

          It seems to me that the once popular youtube act of disproving creationist claims is slowly dying away. The way I look at it, there's only so much that can be said. Thunderf00t made his "Why do people laugh at creationists" series, cdk007 made his long list of videos refuting creationist claims and Kent Hovind claims, DonExodus2 did the same- and this all happened the most frequently over two years ago.         
          Now I'm not saying that we no longer need to refute creationists anymore because as long as there's a new creationist video, that's proof and evidence that the idea that creationists exist is accurate and correct. However, since venomfangx's videos are more polished but utterly pointless, no one takes nephilimfree seriously anymore, all of the other anti-creationists have sort of gone rogue. Thunderf00t had his episode of Islam drama, DonExodus went on a hiatus, and I started my UFO conspiracy rabbit hole phase.
          I don't think the act of pwning creationists has stopped. It has just slown down. Perhaps this is a good sign? Maybe this is a sign that we are winning in the long run? Who knows. But if you ever get the idea that maybe it's dying away, just remember the Question Evolution campaign, CMI is still up and running, Eric Hovind is still running his mouth, and Ray Comfort is still successful.
          We may have different ways of handling creationists nowadays. Personally, I have satire. I don't really spend my time refuting claims as much as I used to because I've refuted every creationist claim there ever was (as far as I know.. and I've been doing this for a while), some a few times, and I don't feel like repeating myself. I go about it by pretending to be one of them but a far more extreme version, if that makes sense, (i.e. Question Gravity). TheLivingDinosaur goes about it with his unique vocabulary rich montages of pictorial refutations. And there are other examples of this modern ignorance epidemic being combated as well.


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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Question Gravity Campaign BEHIND THE SCENES

          So as you all know or probably heard by now, my "Question Gravity" satirical spinoff of creation.coms' "Question Evolution" campaign was an utter success. It was mirrored over 20 times, the pamphlet was downloaded hundreds of times, it was translated into spanish and in the process of being translated into other languages as well, and ppsimmons blocked me. Given my personal traction on the youtube community, I couldn't ask for a better turnout and I would like to thank everyone who helped out. Thanks everyone :D

          However a VERY common comment I get on this campaign is something along the lines of "be careful, someone might actually take this seriously and your plan will backfire." Of course, my plan being to show how stupid it looks when someone goes to extreme lengths to 'question' very solid theories like evolution and gravity. However, these people make it seem like people will take my campaign seriously and actually APPLY the information and arguments in it. Are you kidding me? I mean, in their defense, shockofgod and nephilimfree are complete idiots, but I highly doubt that they would realistically believe the stuff in my campaign and actually use my material as arguments.

          Surprisingly, it was atheists and non-creationists who took my campaign seriously. They didn't believe the stuff in the campaign, obviously, nor did they apply it, but those were the ones who actually thought I was serious. Not a bash towards people on my team but there were more people on MY team thinking this was sincere than people on the other side of the bell curve of intellect. No one, and I mean, NO ONE took my campaign seriously to the level of actually believing it and applying those arguments. So no, it did not backfire :D

The Blog is Back

Yes that's right. I'm able to start blogging again. The reason I had to disable it was because my previous graphic design class used Blogger as it's hug to post our work. I didn't want to risk my classmates seeing such a horrible blaspheming blog. Since I just couldn't figure out that all I had to do was create a different email account and I would be good to go, I thought it would be a fine and dandy idea to delete this thing. oops. So it's golly gosh darn good thing I made a new email just for this.
On the bright side, it's back and I plan on posting stuff here on a regular basis. Thanks for your patience because I know you have been waiting to see my blog back.